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Grants and schemes

Ask your nearest Supported Employment office or the IASE or visit www.welfare.ie for more information on Grants and Schemes:

The Employee Retention Grant is for employers in the private sector to retain employees who have acquired a disability, whatever it’s cause.

Grant assistance is available for employers, employees and self-employed disabled people who need to adapt the workplace or purchase specialised equipment for staff with disabilities. This grant is called the Workplace Equipment/Adaptation Grant (WEAG) and is administered by the Department of Social Protection. www.welfare.ie

You can apply for the grant if the disabled person is already employed or is about to be employed by you. Alternatively, if you have a disability, you can apply for the grant yourself if you are already in employment or about to commence employment.

The Wage Subsidy Scheme is a scheme that offers financial support for employers who employ certain people with disabilities on a full-time basis (21 hours or more). The scheme is operated by the Department of Social Protection. In situations where this restriction results in a loss of productivity for the employer, the Wage Subsidy Scheme (WSS) allows the employer make up the shortfall through grant assistance.

Employers that provide Disability Awareness Training for their staff may be able to apply for grant aid towards the cost of this training. Disability awareness aims to provide the best possible customer service to clients and customers and promotes the employability of disabled people by creating work environments that are open and welcoming to all staff.
http://www.fas.ie or http://www.solas.ie

The Disability Awareness Support Scheme is aimed at employers that provide this training and helps raise awareness of disability issues in the workplace. To apply for this scheme contact a local FÁS service, who will also be able to provide a list of Disability Awareness Trainers.

The partial Capacity Benefit Scheme will allow people receiving certain welfare benefits to work and still receive a proportion of their benefits.

Revenue Job Assist is an additional tax allowance for people who have been unemployed for 12 months or more and who are now returning to employment.

Back to Work Allowance (BTWA) Scheme
This is a weekly social welfare payment that can be made in addition to wages. It provides a financial cushion to support social welfare recipients who return to work for a minimum of 20 hours per week.

Supported Employment Programme where employers can access Job Coach’s to assist job candidates and employees with a disability.

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