How do you answer the question what is your salary expectation?

Hi Gillian,

Could you please advise on how to answer this interview question “what is your salary expectation?”



Gillian Replies

Hi Bose,

I would always say commensurate with the role especially if you’re asked what your salary expectations are on an online application.
Before you go into the interview, have a salary in mind. Know what the lowest salary you could work for. Aim above that.

Conduct market research – look at salary surveys here on and find out what the going rate is for the role. Pitch your salary at that level. Don’t aim low. Let them pitch back to you before you engage in a negotiation on salary. If you are interviewing through an agency, make sure you know the salary range prior to the interview and ask them where in the range to they feel you lie.

Most of all – know your worth and don’t ever undercut yourself.
Hope this helps.


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